Learn about using the WeaveWorks suite of products on Packet.

Weaveworks is a company that maintains a number of open source projects to help developers to connect, observe and control Docker containers.  Their open source products include Weave Net, Weave Scope, Weave Flux and Weave Cortex.  They also offer a popular hosted service (Weave Cloud)  that combines each of these into one, easy-to-use suite.

Weave Net

Weaveworks first became famous in the container space for Weave Net, an open source project that creates a virtual overlay network to connect Docker containers across multiple hosts and enable automatic discovery.

With Weave Net, portable microservices-based applications consisting of multiple containers can run anywhere: on one host, multiple hosts or even across cloud providers and data centers. Applications can use the network  as if the containers were all plugged into the same network switch, without having to configure port mappings, ambassadors or links.

Weave Net (commonly called just "Weave") is easily leveraged on Packet or on any other provider.  Some helpful resources:

  • Documentation here 
  • Tutorials series here.

Weave Cloud

Weaveworks' main product is Weave Cloud, which is software-as-a-service that simplifies deployment, monitoring, and management for containers and microservices. 

Weave Cloud extends and complements popular orchestrators, and enables developers and DevOps to realize faster deployments with monitoring, visualization, and networking in one place.

Weave Cloud brings together all four open source projects from Weaveworks, providing an end-to-end development pipeline to deliver apps to the cloud:

  • Weave Scope for troubleshooting
  • Weave Flux for continuous delivery
  • Weave Cortex for Prometheus Monitoring
  • Weave Net for container networking and security.

If you are interested to learn more on Weave Net, you can find the documentation here.

Other Resources

Additionally, our friends at Weaveworks, prepared a detailed guide on how to run Kubernetes on Packet's Bare Metal, using Weave Cloud to help monitor and troubleshoot the installation. You can take a look at it over here.