Mist.io is a platform that simplifies cloud management and helps users prevent vendor and complexity lock-in. It offers cost and usage reporting, RBAC, management, provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, and automation for servers across public and private clouds, Docker containers, and KVM hypervisors. It emits actionable alerts so users can address operational issues from anywhere, using any web device. 

Mist.io is for those who may not wish to deploy, host or configure their own hypervisor/monitoring solution. Between our platform & Mist.io there isn’t any hardware/software to configure. 

To get started, you can use your GitHub or Google account.  Lastly, the only configuration you will need is an API Key.

You are welcome (by the free license) to deploy up to five servers. Of the five servers, you are able to set up monitoring on one of them. Should your particular use case require you to go beyond that, Mist.io does offer additional deployments for a  paid subscription

Whatever your use case is for Mist.io we find the documentation fantastic, you’re encourage you to check it out here.