Device Tagging

Utilize tags to group your device(s)

What is tagging?

Tagging is a feature allowing you to apply custom labels to a single device or multiple devices. Device tagging is purely for filtering purposes at this time. 

How do I make use of the tagging feature?

Tagging is available through our API. An example of what this may look like:

     {        "plan": "baremetal_1",        
              "operating_system": "centos",        
              "facility": "ewr1",
             "tags": ["database", "primary"],
             "locked": true

The above payload would create a device in EWR1 with CentOS as the specific OS and tag it with database, primary in addition it is set to lock the device to avoid it being deleted.

Can I edit tags?

You can, it will take the following PATCH payload to accomplish that: 

 {        "hostname": "",
          "description": "Server description",
          "tags": ["new_tag", "server"],
          "billing_cycle": "monthly",
          "locked": true,

The above would add the tag new_tag  and server  in addition to that you also notice you can use the paylod to also change your hostname (the change will only be reflected via API calls and the portal). To change your hostname within the device it's self.