Details about how we meter, invoice and charge for services, and options for discounts 

What are billable items?

We value simplicity in pricing, so we offer all of our services by the hour.  This includes:

  • Servers
  • Block storage
  • Elastic IP addresses
  • Licensed software (such as Windows Server 2012, RHEL7, SLES12 SP2)

You can view the full pricing of our bare metal servers services here, and you can view pricing and your current charges by logging into our control panel and viewing the devices in your projects.  

There is a billing tab in each of your projects which shows estimated total usage for the month. The reason it is estimated is that we don't apply custom rates or promo code discounts until an invoice is generated (see below for more about that).

Additional Fees for Licensed Software

Packet enables users to deploy a growing list of commercial software solutions directly through the Packet portal or API.  These solutions do incur additional fees, which are often based on the socket (e.g. physical CPU) or allocated resources (for instance GB's of storage).    

What about bandwidth?

All Packet customers enjoy free inbound traffic and free traffic between servers in the same Packet project within the same datacenter location. 

Outbound traffic to the Internet (including to other Packet data center locations) is charged at the default rate of $0.05/GB.   

Please contact if you are interested in a larger bandwidth commitment (10's of TBs) to lower your per GB price.