App deployment, configuration management, and orchestration - all from one system

What is Ansible? 

Ansible is an open source automation platform it can help you with configuration management, application deployment, task automation. It can also do IT orchestration, where you have to run tasks in sequence and create a chain of events which must happen on several different servers or devices.

Features we love! 

  • YAML Playbooks - Ansible configuration files– are written in YAML, which for configuration management and automation purposes is a better fit than other formats such as JSON. It’s easier to read, supports comments, and employs the use of anchors for referencing other items.
  • Agentless, Ansible handles all master/agent communications with standard SSH or the Paramiko module, which is a Python implementation of the SSH2. The tool doesn’t require any agents to be installed on remote systems to be managed, which means less maintenance overhead and performance degradations.
  • Ansible is written in Python, consequently, getting it up and running is easier, since Python libraries are by default present on most Linux distributions. It’s also a language that’s more common for administration and scripting tasks

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